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 Dog Gone Sailboats

Other sailboat styles can be created; either stock or custom made for you.  I currently have three stock designs beside the traditional Sailboat.  These are Surfboard, Skateboard and Longboard designs.  You can visit these styles in the Products pulldown area at the top of this page.  You can also visit this same area and view some of my custom order work done for other clients.


Just about anything and everything from a Sailboat to a SailHelicopter can be created.  All I need from you is a custom request and the project starts from design to finish production.


You can see some of these magical creations under the DOG GONE SAILBOATS header.


Have fun!!! And happy sailing!!!


Mike Martin/Owner Operator


These are handcrafted custom made softwood and hardwood sailboats with bright colored sail material.  Each sailboat can carry the Dog of your choice.  That is where the name came from "Dog Gone Sailboats".  You can custom order a sailboat for an additional fee; adding the animal of your choice.  Sailboat designs for animals can include just about anything.  Take a look at some of the many different styles shown in the Photo Gallery.  Click the link below.

Dog Gone Sailboats - Custom Made For You




Photo gallery

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Contact:  Mike Martin / Owner Operator of Dog Gone Sailboats for any Special Order and Custom Requests.



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